Key Priorities for the 27th Ward


I would like to usher in a time where the needs and the voices of the residents and businesses of the 27th Ward are no longer overlooked - but answered with the highest professionalism, respect and results.

As a homeowner, working mother and former business owner, I am ready to be your Alderman and serve you.


The incumbent alderman - Walter Burnett, Jr. - has failed to serve our interests time and time again:


  • He supported a $589 million property tax increase in 2015, the highest tax increase in Chicago history!

  • He failed to protect us from corruption when in a split council decision he voted AGAINST Inspector General oversight on Ed Burke’s $100M Workers’ Compensation Program.

  • He voted AGAINST a publicly elected Chicago Public Schools Board.


  • He failed to demand accountability from Rahm related to the tragic Laquan McDonald incident.


It’s time for Cynthia Bednarz!

Below are some of my key priorities.  I will add more during the campaign.  I am listening to your concerns and ideas.

Responsive Collaborative Government

After speaking with people across the 27th Ward, one thing I hear over and over is the need for their Alderman to listen to the community and work together to create a positive change. As Alderman I will work with seniors and others in affordable housing to make sure the management company is doing it's job to keep them safe and healthy. I will work with neighborhood organizations in the West Loop and Old Town on the size and scope of the developments coming to their neighborhoods. As Alderman I will work with community groups in Garfield Park to help realize the vision of business and development they want in their community. The needs of the residents of the 27th Ward vary greatly. I will be an Alderman that listens, acts accordingly and and is held accountable to the people that I serve.

Reduce the Costs of Housing & Living

●Property tax freeze – no more property tax increase​​

●More affordable housing and better management of existing affordable housing

●State of Illinois progressive income tax to avoid property taxes

●More federal funding for major projects since Illinois ranks 47th out of 50 states in federal funding gained

●Work with new Cook County assessor to promote homeowner tax exemptions & accurate home assessments

●Third-party audit of City Hall costs to eliminate needless spending and to create transparency and accountability.

Public Safety

●Better training for our Chicago Police Department and full public involvement in Community Policing and a Civilian Police Accountability Council

●More drug addiction counseling, mental health counseling & pathways for people to get out of gangs

●More job training resources and collaboration with businesses to hire at-risk young adults and ex-offenders

●Taking drug profits away from gangs with state-sanctioned medical marijuana centers and decriminalization of certain drugs, thereby reducing the disproportionate prosecution of minority residents



●Publicly-elected school board to gain the best schools and eliminate corruption

●Work with parents, students, teachers, administrators and local school councils

●More after-school programming, mentoring and counseling for at-risk students and their families

●Early-education and pre-school education

●Work with City College students, teachers and administrators

●More school funding with a progressive state income tax and eliminating TIF corruption


Prosperity for All Neighborhoods & All People

●Continue the economic success of some neighborhoods, gain prosperity for all neighborhoods

●Bring new investment, businesses, housing and jobs to neglected neighborhoods and vacant lots

●Improve infrastructure, parks, CTA & METRA service and bicycling

●Celebrate ALL our residents, All Nationalities, All Lifestyles, All Resident Status, EVERYONE who makes our Ward great.

●Emphasize neighborhood planning with the input of residents and businesses


Improve 27th Ward Services 

●Expanded office hours with option to schedule phone calls with the Alderman

●Better cleanliness, garbage, recycling & snow removal

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                READY TO SERVE OUR 27TH WARD NEIGHBORHOODS              











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